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This company is established for consumers who demand Filipino products and for Filipinos who needs products outside  Philippines. It serves as a portal that will ease the process of receiving goods to and from the country. This company believes that the Filipino market has a unique need, and the world has a unique need for Filipino products. We provide the convenience of bridging the gab between the Filipino market and the outside supplier, and the Filipino product and the consumer within the country or outside of the country. We believe that the Filipino product and market are easy to find here. We promise fast processing because we are fully supported by technology, that automates many of our processes. We are mainly supported by software based on open source technology.

Company Mission

This company sells products to and from the Philippines. It aims to be the portal of Filipino products to the world market, and the portal of the world products to be sold in the Philippines. We position ourselves to provide a product that easily connects the Filipino product to the local and global customers, and provides utmost convenience to the world product to enter into the Filipino market. It is the gateway where local and foreign goods are traded to smoothen the process and ease the burden between supplier and consumer of the Filipino products and markets.

Key Business Activities

We are a trading company that sells products of other companies to the Filipino market and the world market. We create business transactions in all areas of trading Filipino products including artwork, food, fashion, transportation, heavy equipment, etc. We do the same for foreign products to enter into the Filipino market, especially for technology and industry needs.

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Address: The Pearl Place 31-G, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, San Antonio Village, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605


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  1. Belinda Jamisola, Proprietor
  2. Francis Nava, Software Engineer


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