Thank you for your Order

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All shipments are guaranteed fresh from our plant in Panadtaran, Candijay, Bohol, Philippines.

A 500 ml costs PHP 250 with flat rate international shipping cost. If you want to order by bulk to save cost on shipping, please let us know.

 Price  250   6.03   3.86 
 Shipping  1,000  24.12  15.45
 Total  1,250  30.15  19.31

We also accept payment by check or Postal Money Order made payable to Bohol Virgin Coconut Oil. We will process your order as soon as we receive your payment. Please send your payment to:

 Bohol Virgin Coconut Oil
 Panadtaran, Candijay
 Bohol, Philippines 6312


Return Policy

Please return our container to us, and we will fully refund your money. You only need to pay the shipping cost. We are still working to get storage spaces to major cities around the world to reduce shipping cost. This depends on the type of order received. If you prefer a direct shipment from our factory, we would gladly do that.

(Photo shot: The Philippine Tarsier, Tarsius syrichta, is smaller than a man's fist and is found in Bohol.)